Tuesday, August 19, 2014

McCalls 6554

I finished this about a week ago. It's a "Fashion Star" pattern (remember that show?) that I've had but never made.

I really didn't make any alterations to this pattern. It's actually pretty quick to put together. One of the features that I really like are the pockets. I really like in-seam pockets. The belt, which can be optional, I think helps to pull the look together.

This picture above is without the belt. The bodice is lined (I used batiste). If I had thought about it at the time, I would have lined the skirt also. The fabric is a cotton linen blend that I bought last year and never got around to using.

The only thing that I did differently than the instructions was to use a regular zipper. And the only reason I did that is because that's what I had in my stash! LOL! I'm using up as much as I possibly can while still make the things I want.

This is a really nice, comfortable dress to wear. My husband even complimented me on it. So, it's all good.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Look 6598

I bought this pattern a while back.  It's a blouse with sleeve and collar variations. Truth be told, I really only looked at the front of the pattern when I bought it. I wanted to have/make more woven tops (as opposed to knit tops). I saw this and I really liked it.

Well, what I didn't realize at the time is that it does have a nice detail on the back of the blouse - a tie.

It's a simple detail that just makes it something a little different. This is quite easy to make AND I used another piece from my fabric stash AND some buttons I had as well!

This is the kind of thing that I can see myself making again. It also comes in long sleeves and sleeveless, with a collar or without (like the one I made here).

Now, on to the next project to use up some more stash!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

New T-shirt pattern

I love a good T-shirt. You would think that finding a good pattern to make one would be easy, but not necessarily... I'm pretty particular about how I want it to fit. I don't want anything too tight or too low-cut in the front. I have found a source of RTW tees that I really like, but since I joined the RTW fast this year, I don't want to buy any. So, I decided to try this new pattern I found on Pattern Review. It's called the Jenny from In-House Patterns. It's very basic, but that's what I like.

First, what I love about the pattern is the fit. It fits just the way I want it to - not too loose, not too tight. And I really like the length.

Now, what I wasn't crazy about is the V-neck was too low for me. So, I raised the neckline by about 2 1/2". With doing this, it was a bit difficult to get the neckband to fit correctly. I had to keep shortening it until I got it right. I also had never attached a V-neck neckband the way the instructions say to do it. After trying it their way and trying it my way (which is the way that the Vogue 8536 T-shirt pattern instructs), I like my way better. I get a better fit and a more defined V. I also think it's easier. 

As you can see, I made this in a variety of colors. The solids are cotton interlock (my personal fav for tees). The print is a rayon/poly blend that's very stretchy. Best of all, I had all of these in my stash!

Overall, this is a great pattern. I may still do some minor adjustments to the neck, but the sleeves and everything fits well. This is definitely a keeper!

And by the way, this is a PDF pattern which is something I don't normally do. But it was very easy to print correctly (do the test page first).

Friday, July 18, 2014

McCall's 6884

I finished this dress yesterday. It's really easy to put together. It would have been done a lot sooner if I hadn't lost my sewing mojo in the middle of it. But anyway, the only thing I changed with the pattern is to raise the neckline by about 2 1/2". It's a good thing I did, because it would have been way to low for my taste if I hadn't. As it is, I really like this dress. I used a knit I bought a while ago from JoAnn's. 

The tie is very long, so I'm assuming it's to go around the back to the front. At least, that's how I wear it. This pattern could be a really good wardrobe builder for a lot of people. I can see myself making this again is a solid knit as well.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

McCall's 6102

Well, this is called the "1 Hour Dress". I just wanted something easy to make, not fussy to wear, and comfortable. I've had this pattern for quite a while and decided to give it a try. In all honesty, It did take me a little more than an hour to make. I tend to be kind of slow sometimes. And I do like to finish off all of my seams with the serger so things don't ravel. If I hadn't done that,  I think it would have been about an hour or less to sew.

But it's pretty straight-forward. I made View B with the sleeves in the knee-length. There are also versions without sleeves and longer lengths. I used a cotton blend I bought at JoAnn's. It's the perfect weight for hot, humid summer days like we have here.

That's all for now. I need to find my sewing "mojo" because I must have misplaced it somewhere - LOL! I'm actually enjoying my summer and not too stressed about the sewing I'm not getting done right now.

Anyway, happy sewing everyone!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Simplicity 1616 skirt

This summer is all about easy to sew, easy to wear clothes for me. I don't want to fuss to have to wear something (or make something). So, the latest thing I've made is this skirt from Simplicity.

The pattern is for woven or stretch knit fabrics. I used a woven fabric. I made View D with some changes. I shortened the skirt by about 14". I also eliminated the slit. It's a full skirt, so a slit really wouldn't be needed anyway.
In addition, I did "stitch-in-the-ditch" to secure the elastic. The pattern says that the elastic should "float" in the casing. I didn't want that, so I did secure it. 

I used a cotton that I bought at Hobby Lobby to make this. So, more easy, breezy sewing for summer to come!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Much Needed Break & Some Completed Projects

Well, like many of you out there, I needed a break from sewing. I completed quite a few things in a short period of time in order to have something to wear to my son's college graduation (yeah!). After getting back home, I realized how exhausted I was. So, here are a few of the things I've made over the past few weeks.

I made New Look 6110 which has a tunic top and leggings. The great thing about this is I was able to use up some fabric I already had. And it is really comfortable, so I made more than one.

I made two tops and two leggings. This, by the way, is the best leggings pattern if you want a simple, basic legging. I didn't have to make any alterations to the pattern for fit. They were great to wear in the car on the way to Pennsylvania for the graduation.