Friday, November 13, 2015

Blue camo stretch jeans using Vogue 8774!

I have made so many pairs of these jeans, I've lost count. It's one of those patterns that I have altered to fit me the way I like. This time around though, I used a very stretchy blue camouflage denim. There's probably close to 25% stretch in the fabric. I had originally bought it to make another pair of the Jalie pull-on jeans (shown here). 

The material was a little difficult initially to work with because of the amount of stretch in the fabric. That took a little getting used to. But I do love the results.

This is shown with the Burda Style black turtleneck I made here

This pattern is really a classic jeans pattern. I use a jean button rather than the hook and eye closure in the instructions. If you want a great jeans pattern or want to try something like this for yourself, I think this is a terrific pattern to use. Maybe in another post, I'll show you what my pattern pieces look like and how I get really reusable pattern pieces for those TNT patterns!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

DONE! Simplicity 2860 Pants

Well I finally finished and I'm very happy with the results. This really is an easy pattern to make. It's an "Amazing Fit" pattern with pattern pieces for slim, average, or curvy fit. I made these with the average  pieces and made no adjustments. 

I used a light weight polyester suiting material. The only downside is that the pants aren't quite hefty enough to make it into the winter, so I'll be making another pair. But the great thing about this pattern is that it can be used for all seasons depending on your fabric choices. 

The contour waistband is great and I would LOVE to find a skirt pattern with the same type of fit. As you can see, there are belt loops which I'm sure you could leave off if you wanted. I paired this with the Jalie T-shirt I made a while back.

I hope to get my next project up and running sooner than later.

Until then...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I'm still at it...

I lost my "sew-jo" for a while, but now I'm back. I'm still working on the pants I started a couple of weeks ago (Simplicity 2860). There's nothing wrong with the pattern and it's not difficult, I just suffered from a lack of motivation, although I really want them done. 

I could really use a pair of non-jean pants! I did make a muslin of these and that fit perfectly. I hope that these will fit as well. I say that because I did have to cut the zipper shorter than I had expected.

I'm almost at the stage where I can try these on (later today). My only disappointment (if you want to call it that) is that the material is not as thick as I thought. It's fine for this time of year, but, I will have to make a pair of pants from some heavier, suit-weight material for the cold weather. But this charcoal gray is one of my favorite colors for something like this in the Fall.

In the meantime, it's back to the sewing room for me.

Happy sewing everyone!

Monday, October 12, 2015

It's A Gray Day...Another McCall's 6803 Sweater

Before I put this pattern away, I decided to make another one. This time, I used a quilted cotton knit fabric. I made View A which is the same style as the previous one I made here, but the new version is all one color. I used the same fabric for the trim rather than contrasting colors. 

This sweater is so warm and cozy! I got the material at JoAnn's and decided that this would be the perfect pattern to try it out on. 

My biggest problem was finding buttons that were the right size and color. That seems to be a recurring problem. I've also read other bloggers mention something similar. Anyway, the heather gray fabric is one of my favorites for Fall.

So, until next time...

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall sewing McCall's 6803 sweater & McCall's 6474 nightgown

I finished these two items last week. 

First, the sweater (M6803). This is SO easy to make. and, for me, it's the perfect style of sweater - V-neck cardigan with buttons and pockets. I made mine from a cotton knit. I've had the striped material for at least a year. The black band was from material I had saved from a previous project. 

This is a "unisex" pattern, so I made the medium. I love that this can be made from a regular cotton interlock knit (what I used), or it can be made from sweatshirt fleece or sweater knit! That gives you plenty of options to make it as thick and warm as you like, or you can keep it lighter and use it as a layering piece.

There as also welt pockets, in-seam pockets or the patch pockets that I used. This is definitely something that I can see myself making again!

Now the nightgown. I had enough fabric left over from the sweater that I made this short-sleeve nightgown too. It's M6474. The pattern has a long or short sleeve or sleeveless gown or top. It also has a tunic top or shorter top with long pj pants or capri pants. 

This is also easy and quick to make. It took less than an hour to put together. 
So, that's all for now. I've got to get more fall sewing done!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pattern Review Sewing Bee - Round 1 Entry

So I decided to enter the PR sewing bee this year - YIKES! I think (hope) it might be fun and we'll see how far I get. 

The first round required us to make a blouse using woven material, set-in sleeves, some type of closure, etc. So I made Vogue 8772. It's a blouse with a tie neck/collar.

I made View B. I figured this would be perfect for Fall (and it's very on-trend right now). I used a silky polyester fabric that is very soft and smooth.

This type of paisley print is one of my favorites. I used brown buttons with red buttonholes because I really like the contrast.

I also like the shirt-tail hem of the blouse. This is something I can see making again. Anyway, I'll see how far I get in the competition. In any case, I have a great blouse that I never would have made this fast if not for the sewing bee!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Jalie #3461 Pull-on Jeans!

So, when I saw people raving about this pattern and these jeans, I knew I would have to give them a try. It's been around 90 degrees here, so making jeans has not been a high priority for me. But now that I feel that Fall is coming, I wanted to get these done. And I am SO glad I did.

I have to say, these jeans are as great as everyone has said they are!

They are very comfortable and are just like jeans, but pull-on. 

I used a stretch twill for these. I used this pair as a wearable muslin since I didn't know how they would fit. While the pictures look like they are really pulling in the front, they don't feel that way. You must make sure to use a fabric with the correct amount of stretch as the pattern tells you. I used the measurements on the envelope to determine my size and that's what I made. I needed less adjustments with these than with regular jeans patterns. The only thing I did was to slightly pull in the elastic in the back in order to eliminate any back gap I might have (as is the case with regular jeans).

While there are no actual front pockets, the back pockets are real. 

This is a pattern I can see making again. I'd like to find a patterned stretch twill or denim for the next pair.